Attic Remodeling in the Tallahassee Area

Your attic doesn’t have to be a place to store unused trinkets or collect dust. These often over-looked spaces can be transformed into an additional living space such as a bedroom, home office, activity room, man cave, and more! Allow the home remodeling team at Vanguard North to craft an expertly designed room created specifically for you. Your attic will be transformed into a useful space you and your family will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Our Tallahassee remodeling specialists can help you add to the usable square footage of your home—and increase your family’s enjoyment of the space—with our wide array of attic remodeling and conversion options.

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Custom Attic Remodeling

Depending on your available space, Vanguard North can turn that dead space into an extra bedroom, private den, game room, office, mother-in-law suite—there are endless possibilities to choose from!

If you are looking for a way to add value—and living space—to your home, consider a custom attic remodel in the Tallahassee area. Before beginning an attic remodel, our remodeling experts need to assess a few aspects of the space, including:

  • Headroom – Most building codes require living areas be at least 7 ½ feet high in over 50 percent of the space. We’ll measure the headroom in your unfinished attic to determine whether it meets this standard.
  • Windows – Do you have windows in your attic? If not, you may want to have us install windows or skylights if you plan to use the space as a bedroom, as building codes require such openings for fire safety purposes.
  • Dormers – These small additions can raise the roof over a portion of your attic and boost the usable space in that area.
  • Temperature – What’s the temperature like in your attic? Do you have an attic ventilation system? We can examine your attic to determine what needs to be done for you to control the heating and air conditioning in that space.
  • Plumbing – We’ll need to examine the area to determine the best location for the facility. In most cases, we recommend its placement above an existing bathroom on the floor below to reduce costs associated with its installation.

When it comes to attic remodeling in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, Vanguard North’s team are the experts. Contact us to learn more!

Attic Conversion Options

Looking for more square footage? Embrace the angled walls and convert your attic into a master suite, guest room, home office, or just a custom hideaway. Consider transforming your attic into the following:

  • Game room – Don’t let your children’s toys and videogame consoles take over your living room. Create a space just for them!
  • Guest room – Tired of making your guests sleep on the uncomfortable pull out couch? By turning your unused attic into a guest room, your guests will have their own space to enjoy! (And they may not want to leave!)
  • Home office – Many busy homeowners in the Tallahassee area need an office in their home, but don’t have the right space for it. If you’re ready to create a space that promotes productivity in your attic, contact the home office remodeling experts at Vanguard North.
  • Movie theater – Create a one-of-a-kind space your entire family can enjoy for movie nights with comfy recliners, a big screen TV, and a bowl of buttered popcorn.
  • Master suite – Design a customized retreat for you and your significant other. Your bedroom can be a place for you to escape and relax from the stresses of work.

No matter what you want your attic to be transformed into, Vanguard North’s attic remodelers can help.

Why Choose Us

Vanguard North has been in home remodeling and renovation for over 35 years and is the first choice for many Tallahassee, FL area families when it comes to attic remodeling services!

The cornerstones of our work are craftsmanship and integrity, elements which we pride ourselves on delivering to each and every client. Our testimonials speak for themselves, with former clients writing glowing reviews about our remodeling work and how easy it was to collaborate with us.

Attic Remodeling in the Tallahassee, Florida Area

Addressing all of your attic remodel needs, we at Vanguard North take pride in our customers’ satisfaction and enjoyment of their new space. Helping with each stage of the process, we make sure that you get the extra living space you’ve always wanted. Check out our gallery of work to see before and after images of clients who we’ve completed work for.

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