Porch Additions in the Tallahassee Area

A porch addition for your Tallahassee home might just be the perfect opportunity to create the space you’ve always wanted. Porches provide myriad benefits to your home and can essentially be anything you want them to be. Looking for a place for family and friends to gather? You can have it! Want a personal retreat to sip coffee and convalesce after a long day? It can be that, too. Even as just a bit of eye candy, your perfect porch can offer you so, so much.

Bring your porch ideas to the design and build team at Vanguard North and let us transform your gorgeous ideas into a gorgeous reality! We carry over thirty five years of remodeling and design experience, and with the help of our experts, you’re sure to love the result!

Porch Design & Installation

When you work with Vanguard North, our number one priority is to bring you a high-quality, superior solution that meets all of your specific needs. Bring us your ideas, on paper, in pictures, in words; the medium doesn’t matter, we want it all! Building you the perfect addition to your home is your vision and we aim to replicate it exactly. Our process includes:

  • The initial meeting. We always start by meeting in-person with our clients. We want to get a feel for your wants and needs to create a blueprint that exactly meets your dream porch. At this point, we’ll define your space and figure out exactly what you want your porch to accomplish.
  • Design. Our seasoned design team will go to work, creating a 2-D representation of your wants and needs for your porch. Once we feel that everything is in order and we’re satisfied that your goals are fully realized, we can move on to construction.
  • Construction. After a conference with the homeowners where we finalize decisions, our master craftsmen go to work building the porch you’ve always wanted. We’ll be hard at work with deliveries, installation, and construction. But don’t worry, we keep our work area clean and organized so as not to disrupt your daily life while we operate.
  • Clean up. It’s time to enjoy your gorgeous new porch and we’ll leave it pristine in the wake of our efforts. We clean up every aspect of our job, leaving you with a superior installation that’s ready to receive guests and family alike!

The Benefits of a Porch in Tallahassee

A porch is more than just a simple home addition. It provides some cool benefits to your home as well. A porch will:

  • Add defined space. Space in any home is a commodity and how you use it is important. A porch establishes outdoor space into something more readily usable by homeowners, whether for personal use or parties.
  • Increase home value. A porch adds a lot of home value. Whether you’re looking to sell or plan on keeping the home, upping the value is always a plus, and one that comes easy when you can create something as timeless and beautiful as a porch.
  • Improve curb appeal. Your Tallahassee home is gorgeous, for sure. Adding a porch is just the figurative cherry on top, adding your unique personality and flair to the exterior as well as the interior of your home.

Porch Additions with Vanguard North

Addressing all of your home addition needs is our number one goal! Our team is wholly dedicated to providing you with high-quality and memorable services, and to us, nothing is more important than your satisfaction! Curious about what our past clients have to say about Vanguard North? Check out our testimonials!

Ready to get started building the porch you’ve always wanted? Contact our team today!