Remodeling Your Tallahassee Living Room

Are you looking to complete a remodel so that you can make better use of your family’s communal living space? Have you moved into an older home that needs to be gutted and a den and living area remade from scratch? Do you want to improve your home’s living room by creating clearer room boundaries with new walls and columns? Vanguard North has experienced designers and technicians who are here to help with your living room remodel.

With over 35 years of experience in the Tallahassee area, you can trust your living room remodel to us! Fill out our contact form. Call us at 850-997-0016.

The Design and Planning Stage of Living Room Renovations

When you choose to work with us at Vanguard North, you are working with an experienced team. Our design team will help you remodel your living room to get you the exact items you are hoping for: space for your dream entertainment unit, the right amount of room for your growing family to fit enough sofas and chairs, or a large block of windows to take advantage of a beautiful view of the Florida landscape.

While each remodel is individualized to the particular home, we follow the following steps for the design and planning stages:

  1. Initial Meeting – We have a meeting to discuss what you want to include in the remodeling process, your budget, and your preferences for coloring and use of space. At this stage we encourage you to bring pictures of what you like (and don’t like!) so that we get a better idea of what you want your living room remodel to include.
  2. Design Completion – A site visit is completed for measuring dimensions. This helps us render two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs to show you a visual of what your new living room will look like, including spatial awareness, placing your furniture in the room, and giving you an idea of the finished product.
  3. Approval – Once we have your approval, we can begin the physical remodeling process! Our experienced technicians, supervised by our design team, move your new items into your home to begin the building and installation process.

Your Living Room Remodel in Tallahassee, FL

Our living room remodeling process is one that emphasizes communication and openness between the homeowners and the design and build team. When working with Vanguard North you’ll experience, professionalism, dedication to the craft, and an emphasis on your needs.

Your remodel will consist of the following primary stages:

  • Construction – This includes demolition, product delivery, and the building of new room features.
  • Installation – Any new dimensions of your room, including columns, half walls, fireplaces, or windows are included in this time frame.
  • Cleanup – Finally, because we don’t believe in building you a new room and leaving you with a mess, we always clean up after ourselves.

Renovation and remodeling allows for you to customize your home to better suit your family’s needs, your personal preferences, and your dream room. Let us help you with that process—call us at 850-997-0016 or fill out our contact form!