How to Improve the Façade of Your Tallahassee Home

You hear the term curb appeal quite a bit when you’re watching home remodeling shows on HGTV or talking to your realtor. But while curb appeal might make neighbors and potential buyers “ooh” and “ahh,” what about the more important person in the equation? We’re talking about you, of course! The facade of your home isn’t just for fancy show offs; it directly impacts how much you enjoy your living space.

Does your home lack the personality and pizazz you’re looking for? Is it outdated and just plain not so fun to look at? Well, luckily for you the experts at Vanguard North have some good ideas (and services!) aimed at making your exterior just as gorgeous as your interior.

How to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Now to start off, there are a lot of possible changes you can make. When it comes down to it, the changes you seek should focus on two things: sore spots and things that don’t jive with your personality. Here are some common issues that the seasoned design team at Vanguard North would recommend looking into:

  • Unused space. While a gorgeous landscape and do wonders for your Tallahassee home, sometimes you end up with a big fat blank space in your yard. Nothing lacks personality more than nothing at all! To utilize your space in a positive way that makes your home even more gorgeous than it already is, consider a deck or patio addition. Outdoor living space makes for a lot of fun and beauty and brightens up your exterior like no other.
  • Colors and materials. A little nonplussed about the exterior walls of your home? Many folks are! Seek to shake it up with fresh paint or maybe a fancy stucco finish. Fresh new design and color is always a good idea to get that bit of something new you’re looking for. For the best results, and the easiest way of getting what you want, a professional design team can do wonders here.
  • Update windows. Sometimes things that are “antique” are cool and eye catching. But sometimes they’re a rickety bit of wood with some glass slapped in from the 70s. Consider the “wow” of bay windows, or the added outdoor access and function of brand new casements. Looking to go full-on new trend? Look into indoor-outdoor window designs.
  • Be inviting. When you look at your porch, what does it say? Welcome to my home; or go away! If the entrance to your home is flat and uninspired, consider adding some appeal with a fresh porch design. Maybe you’re into tall, gorgeous columns, or fun hardscape arrangements. Play with it a bit, see what your mind can dream up!

Design & Remodel in Tallahassee with Vanguard North

No matter what you envision, small-time or major-scale, the experts at Vanguard North can provide the tools and skill needed to see your exterior remodel come to life! Our experts have been providing our patrons with expert-quality design and build services for 35 years

 If you’re ready to get started improving the facade of your home, contact our team today!