How to Select a Design-Build Firm for a Florida Remodel

Renovation and home additions are hands-down the best method of improving your home and infusing it with your personal style and tastes. The downside? An endless list of architects, contractors, electricians, and craftsmen to work through. Selecting the right team for your home improvement can be an outright nightmare! Many homeowners today have turned to design-build firms to fill their needs. The right firm can provide all of the aforementioned needs, and can even streamline the process for you!

But that presents us with a new issue. How does one go about finding the company that is perfect for handling your additions and renovation? At Vanguard North, we don’t want to see any of our patrons stuck with sub-par service, or hard-headed contractors that don’t have your best interests in mind. That’s why we’ve detailed a list of all the information you’ll need to find that elusive, perfect design-build team!

Finding Your Team: Questions that Need Answers

The team you want to work with is trustworthy, honest, and treats your needs as the absolute top priority. To ensure you’ve found the right people, be sure to cover all of these bases:

  • Licensed. A professional design-build team possesses all of the necessary licensing, insurance, and documentation of any other business. If this information isn’t clearly outlined on the company’s website, be sure to ask for it before going anywhere on a contract.
  • Reviews and testimonials. One of the best things about the internet these days is free access to reliable information. Click ads and paid reviews are on the way out, and in their place is a much more reliable and honest method of learning about a business. Seek these out to get a better idea of experiences patrons have had in the past. You could learn a lot about whether or not these are the right people to work with! Many businesses that are confident in their performance actually keep easy access to testimonials and reviews on their website (we do!).
  • Communication. Easily the most important part of your selection process. Open communication is absolutely key to finding the right company to work with. They should be professional, sure. But also friendly, kind, and open to your ideas. This is your renovation project, not theirs. If your opinion is clearly unimportant to them, walk away.
  • Clarity. From the first meeting, to the draw-up, to the implementation of the plan; all information should be shared. You need to be apprised of the entire process, and if in the first meeting they seem stand-offish or unclear on anything (payment is a clear tip off), you don’t want to throw in with them. And on the subject of payment, be very wary of a company that only accepts cash, or wants all payment up front. It’s an unfortunate fact that scams do happen. Be safe, be careful, and be informed!

Why Choose Vanguard North for Florida Remodeling?

Our team has been providing top-quality remodeling services for over thirty-five years. Vanguard North is a family-owned and operated business built upon the idea of open communication, honesty, and satisfying your goals. We take your renovation project seriously, and we will never be content with our projects until you are!

We don’t just want to handle your renovation project; we want to build a standing, long-term relationship with our patrons. When we’re on your project, you’re part of the team, too! Your goals, dreams, and aspirations for your home are key to a perfect renovation. Home design and remodeling aren’t just our job, they’re our passion!

Interested in learning more about Vanguard North and what we can do for your home? Reach out to us today for a complimentary estimate on your upcoming renovation or add on!