Ideas for Your Attic Conversion in Florida

Attic conversions are a particularly exciting option to our team here at Vanguard North. Why? Because they’re essentially a blank canvas. A completely neutral space that can be remodeled into essentially anything you can dream up.

Many homeowners are content to leave the space a dusty, musty mess of unused items and personal effects that hold some modicum of meaning. But to the more adventurous among those who live in our Tallahassee area, the attic can be a sandbox in which to build one of a limitless number of functional spaces.

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Attic Conversions: Some Fun & Functional Ideas

Looking for a little inspiration as fuel for your creative venture? These are some of our favorites:

Fun Attic Conversion Ideas

For those leaning toward the more recreational aspects of a remodel, attics lend themselves will to cool little hideaways and awesome additions:

  • Home theaters. A totally unique take on home entertainment, a conversion can supply your home with all of the excitement of a theater system. Plus the added benefit of seclusion and privacy.
  • Kid’s playrooms. A great solution for busy homes, rather than worrying over appropriate places for toys and games. Build your children a space they’ll adore, giving them the space to play and have a great time, while also providing yourself some more space.
  • Private escapes. Reading nooks, relaxation rooms; there are lots of opportunities to be had here. Create the getaway you’ve always wanted, right under your own roof.

Functional Attic Conversion Ideas

Aside from fun, there are plenty of functional options that are the perfect fit for an attic conversion as well:

  • Master suite. A very appealing option to many homeowners, converting your attic into a master suite allows for unparalleled customization of your private living space. Build a relaxing and beautiful living space for yourself, and get the most out of your home.
  • Guest bedrooms. No more stuffing the company in a shoe box! Build a beautiful guest space to accommodate visiting friends and family, providing both parties some much needed space and privacy. The conversion can supply a simple one-room layout or even allow full facilities, restroom and all!
  • Home office. A home office provides you with function that is hard to match anywhere else in your home. No coordinating with other rooms in the home, no working around obstacles. Just a space that can be molded to meet your exact needs, allowing for greater productivity with some privacy and peace.
  • Restroom/bath. Your needs may even be rather simple. Many homes in Tallahassee could benefit from an additional restroom; particularly those that share a single space among a large family.

Custom Attic Remodeling with Vanguard North

No matter what need you wish to accommodate or which idea sparks your interest most, the expert design team and craftsmen at Vanguard North can assist you in creating the space you’ve always wanted. Take your underused home space and transform it from mundane to marvelous with the help of our team!

To learn more about attic renovation or to learn about other custom home additions and builds, contact us today! Bring us your ideas and goals and allow Vanguard North to translate them into a functional, inspiring home space.